Learn the Signs of Vole Infestation

Small rodents such as mice, moles and voles are common in most climates.Mice are generally unseen unless they have moved into your house. Moles leave tell-tale mounds of dirt all over your yard. Voles are less-commonly discussed, but are very damaging to your landscaping. Here are some tell-tale signs that you have a vole infestation.

1. Mysteriously Dead Plants

If your trees, shrubs, bushes and other perennial plants are dying for no obvious reason, you might have a vole infestation. Voles burrow underground and feed on root systems, leaving your plants defenseless.

2. Chew Marks

Small chew marks can be seen around the base of plants dead or dying plants. Most munching takes place below ground, but voles are known for leaving their mark above ground as well.

3.Tracks in the Lawn

Voles travel across your lawn in runways that are furrowed into the topsoil. Vegetation is displaced, leaving a noticeable track of dead grass. If you see these tracks in your lawn, you have voles. However, the tracks may not be noticed until significant damage has been done. Keeping your lawn mowed will enable you to spot the damage sooner.

Like other rodents, voles carry diseases and are hosts to parasites such as ticks and fleas. Elimination of a vole infestation can be very tricky without professional help. For more information about vole removal in El Cajon, visit this website.

Vield vole (Microtus agrestis)

Learn the Signs of Vole Infestation