Exterminators Get Rid of More Than Pests

Pests in and around your home can cause the jitters and the heebie-jeebies in your family. Your friendly exterminator will eliminate the pests and your anxiety. A pest-free home is a calm and happy place to be.

Exterminators Get Rid of More Than Pests

Exterminators Get Rid of More Than Pests

Learn the Signs of Vole Infestation

Small rodents such as mice, moles and voles are common in most climates.Mice are generally unseen unless they have moved into your house. Moles leave tell-tale mounds of dirt all over your yard. Voles are less-commonly discussed, but are very damaging to your landscaping. Here are some tell-tale signs that you have a vole infestation.

1. Mysteriously Dead Plants

If your trees, shrubs, bushes and other perennial plants are dying for no obvious reason, you might have a vole infestation. Voles burrow underground and feed on root systems, leaving your plants defenseless.

2. Chew Marks

Small chew marks can be seen around the base of plants dead or dying plants. Most munching takes place below ground, but voles are known for leaving their mark above ground as well.

3.Tracks in the Lawn

Voles travel across your lawn in runways that are furrowed into the topsoil. Vegetation is displaced, leaving a noticeable track of dead grass. If you see these tracks in your lawn, you have voles. However, the tracks may not be noticed until significant damage has been done. Keeping your lawn mowed will enable you to spot the damage sooner.

Like other rodents, voles carry diseases and are hosts to parasites such as ticks and fleas. Elimination of a vole infestation can be very tricky without professional help. For more information about vole removal in El Cajon, visit this website.

Vield vole (Microtus agrestis)

Learn the Signs of Vole Infestation

3 Reasons to Keep Your Home Pest Free

Do you hear scurrying sounds in your attic at night? Are there occasional trails of ants marching in your kitchen? Do you avoid the dark corners in your home because spiders have taken over? These are all signs of possible pest infestations you should not ignore.

Keeping your home pest free protects your family’s health. Pests can carry disease. Even if the rat or raccoon is way up in the attic, its waste can still cause problems down below. Spiders and ants can bite. Though not fatal, repeated bites can cause discomfort. Cockroaches scurry everywhere; they don’t just stay in your kitchen. You do not want them spreading dirt and germs across your home.

Pests are a threat to your home’s structural integrity. Pests can be both a sign of damage and cause more damage. Some pests like damp and their presence indicates a water problem in your home. Others, like squirrels enter an existing hole near the tops of houses. Rats and raccoons either enter through an existing hole or create their own. Once in, they can damage wiring, insulation, and walls as they make even bigger nests inside your house. Ignoring a pest problem will not make it go away. It’s important to get it treated. Don’t stop at just removing the pests; fix the access point that allowed them entrance in the first place. Get the water problem fixed before it causes even more damage by allowing rot and mold to spread inside your home.

Pests bring more pests. Ignoring a pest problem could actually cause the types of unwanted guests in your home to multiply. Raccoons can have fleas. The water problem that attracts the cockroaches can also attract termites. Spiders need other insects for food. If you have spiders, you have other bugs too. A small hole made by a rat can look like an invitation to a squirrel looking to make a nest during baby season.

If you suspect you have a pest problem, don’t ignore it. The problem could get worse, threatening your family’s health, your home’s structural integrity, and bring in even more pests. Instead of hoping the problem will go away, contact a pest control specialist at the first sign of an unwanted guest from the great outdoors inside your home. Ask questions about the safety of the company’s methods and the training provided to its technicians. Look for a company that’s thorough in its initial inspection and detailed in the estimate for contracted services. For more information on pest removal in Cary, visit this website.

3 Reasons to Keep Your Home Pest Free

Top 3 Myths About Bed Bugs

Roughly the size of a pencil eraser, bed bugs have become an epidemic across the United States. These parasitic insects are practically clear when born and light or dark brown as adults, and they are extremely hard to get rid of. Many people still believe quite a few myths about these bugs.

1. Bed Bugs Only Live in Dirty Homes

Although it might seem like bed bugs and other “dirty” insects would only live in unsanitary conditions, the truth is they can live anywhere. Even five-star hotels have had problems with bed bug infestations!

2. Bed Bugs Only Live in Your Mattress

Because of its name, many people assume bed bugs only live in mattresses. In truth, they live everywhere. If you have an infestation, they will be in every room of the house. They’ve even been known to nest behind picture frames and in electrical outlets.

3. Bed Bugs Are Only Active at Night

Bed bugs will become active during the day if they’re hungry. If you have an especially large infestation, you’re likely to come across them anytime you sit down.

You can’t get rid of bed bugs simply by spraying repellant or bombing an apartment. If you suspect an infestation, it is necessary to call in a professional that specializes in the pest. To find out more about the process for bed bugs treatment in Raleigh, head to this website right away!


Top 3 Myths About Bed Bugs

4 Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home Furniture

Termites nest and breed in areas with little to no moisture, including wooden furniture. These quiet pests aren’t particularly harmful to humans, but people with respiratory problems may have issues due to microscopic bits of sawdust floating through ventilation systems. An unmanaged termite problem can be quite costly, but thankfully, you can watch for the signs to ensure you catch a problem early.

1. Look for Sawdust

Since termites eat away at wood, you might notice tiny piles of sawdust under your couches or in the drawers of your dresser or entertainment center.

2. Tiny Dark Spots

Small, unexplainable dark spots on, in or around your furniture could be fecal matter from termites. If you notice these spots, be sure to do a more thorough inspection.

3. Tiny Tubes or Mounds

Sometimes termites build tiny mounds that settle onto the wooden parts of your furniture. If you come across these tubes or mounds, a professional can provide a thorough inspection.

4. Visible Damage to Furniture

The most obvious sign of an infestation is visible damage to your furniture. It might seem that tiny parts of your wooden pieces are slowly chipping away, or you may notice cracks or distorted paint.

If you’ve done a thorough inspection of your furniture and suspect you might have a termite infestation, you must call in a professional to prevent further damage. To learn more about termite pests removal in Cary, visit this website!

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4 Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home Furniture