Save the Bees and Your Home With Humane Bee Removal

Bees are amazing little creatures that pollinate food crops and produce honey. However, they are a wonder of nature that are best admired from a distance. Bees high up in a tree are not of much concern, but a colony living in the walls of your home is a problem. Professional exterminators can humanely remove bees from structures and take them off of your property. Here are three ways professionals can accomplish this task.

Luring and Trapping

Using a one-way wire mesh device, bees can be lured out of their nest in your house and into a hive placed nearby. This is an effective but slow process.


Specially outfitted vacuums can be used to safely extract the bees. They are then relocated. This method tends to stimulate the bees and make them aggressive, so only properly-outfitted professionals should do this.

Hand Removal

Trained professionals are able to access the nest and physically remove it. This is best done when the hive is at its weakest, typically in the late winter.

Whichever method appeals to you, make sure that your bee removal expert is well-trained, licensed and insured. Visit this website for more information about humane bee removal in Rancho Bernardo.

bee removal

Save the Bees and Your Home With Humane Bee Removal

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