Rocky Raccoon Does Not Belong in Your Home

How often are you going to be plagued through the night with the terrifying and irritating sound of scratching in your attic, basement, and/or chimney? Any strange creature that scratches within your home is a thing to be eliminated, but some of these varmints are more detrimental than others. If you hear scratching like this, there is  great likelihood that you have raccoons moving into your home, and those cute critters are surprisingly dangerous to both home and inhabitants.

The Bottom Line on Household Damage

As forest habitat becomes encroached upon and raccoons grow more accustomed to people, they become much bolder about trying to make their homes among humans. Scratching their way into various accommodations, these agile animals damage walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, plumbing, and even roofs. In the end, tolerating intermittent scratching could make you tens of thousands of dollars poorer.

The Prescription for Health and Security

Meanwhile, the health concern surrounding raccoons should not be ignored. Pretty though they may be, these beasts deliver painful bites and scratches. What’s more they are notorious for carrying and transmitting rabies. Anyone sharing a home with raccoons is in serious danger of becoming injured and perhaps infected. Your children and pets deserve to be protected.

Calling a pest control professional is your best step toward dealing with a raccoon problem. Visit this website to learn more about raccoon removal in Burlingame.

racoon removal

Rocky Raccoon Does Not Belong in Your Home

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