Is There a Difference in Pest Treatment & Pest Proofing?

Oh no! It’s happened to you. You suspect you have bed bugs in your home. Don’t panic. Learn about pest treatment and pest proofing to get your home back again.

Pest Treatment

To paraphrase an old adage, pest treatment is about “getting the horse back in the barn.” Treatment is what you do when you find you have a pest problem. Depending on the pest, there is usually a variety of treatment options available. You want to find the safest, most effective treatment that removes the pest but has the least side effects for your home and family. There are options to treatment with chemical solutions. Newer heat treatment methods kill bed bugs without poisons.

Pest Proofing

To go back to the adage, pest proofing “keeps the horse in the barn” in the first place. Pest proofing includes both behaviors and mechanical best barriers. Encase your mattress in a bed-bug proof cover. When home from traveling, keep your luggage out of your bedroom until you determine you didn’t bring home an unwanted souvenir. Be wary of secondhand clothing and furniture. Even though it may be a fantastic looking antique couch at a bargain price, its bed bug infestation makes it too good to be a true deal.

Pest proofing and pest treatment remove your pest problem and keep it from returning. If you need advice about bed bugs treatment in Raleigh, click here to get to an informative website with helpful details and answers to your questions.

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Is There a Difference in Pest Treatment & Pest Proofing?

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