4 Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home Furniture

Termites nest and breed in areas with little to no moisture, including wooden furniture. These quiet pests aren’t particularly harmful to humans, but people with respiratory problems may have issues due to microscopic bits of sawdust floating through ventilation systems. An unmanaged termite problem can be quite costly, but thankfully, you can watch for the signs to ensure you catch a problem early.

1. Look for Sawdust

Since termites eat away at wood, you might notice tiny piles of sawdust under your couches or in the drawers of your dresser or entertainment center.

2. Tiny Dark Spots

Small, unexplainable dark spots on, in or around your furniture could be fecal matter from termites. If you notice these spots, be sure to do a more thorough inspection.

3. Tiny Tubes or Mounds

Sometimes termites build tiny mounds that settle onto the wooden parts of your furniture. If you come across these tubes or mounds, a professional can provide a thorough inspection.

4. Visible Damage to Furniture

The most obvious sign of an infestation is visible damage to your furniture. It might seem that tiny parts of your wooden pieces are slowly chipping away, or you may notice cracks or distorted paint.

If you’ve done a thorough inspection of your furniture and suspect you might have a termite infestation, you must call in a professional to prevent further damage. To learn more about termite pests removal in Cary, visit this website!

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4 Signs of Termite Damage in Your Home Furniture

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