Ways to Safely Remove Wildlife from Your Home

There are a lot of reasons why wildlife might invade your home. Animals often seek out shelter under porches, decks and in chimneys and attics. While everyone can appreciate wild animals when they’re in their own environment, people desperately seek out ways to be rid of them when they’re in their home.

Animal squatters can wreak havoc in your home. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to have an animal chewing on your wood and wires. This can create fire hazards and leave your house damaged. In addition, they leave feces and urine wherever they go. This isn’t only the cause of odors but can raise health risks. By no means should you have to live with wildlife. Unfortunately, there are still risks when it comes to animal removal. It’s important to consult professionals before undertaking the role yourself.

Bats, particularly, can be a difficult animal to remove. Oftentimes, if a bat got in, you’ll find them roosting in your attic. It’s also really easy to end up trapping a bat in your home without realizing it. While the first step to keeping animals out, would be to proof your home, if you already have a bat in your house, you need to have it quickly removed. Bats are a carrier of rabies and you should always take proper precautions. In calling a professional, they will identify how the bats got into your home. Once identified, they will proof your house and begin removal. Professional services will also safely clean up the animal feces when it’s over. This keeps you and your family safe throughout the removal.

Live traps are also a common way to safely remove animals from your property. A life trap is completely harmless to the animal and allows for them to be relocated. Despite the minimal contact with the animal in this route, it is still safest to consult a professional. They can supply the traps and will know where to safely release the critter.

On the unfortunate event that you find a dead animal, you need to be careful also. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the animal. A lot of times, you will smell it before you find it. In this case, you need to carefully try to locate the body. Never handle a dead animal with bare hands! You’ll want to be able to remove the body and bag it to be removed. The area then needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Professionals will be able to this safely and with minimal mess.

Animals in your home can be a pain to remove, but for more information on wildlife removal in Cary, visit this website.

Ways to Safely Remove Wildlife from Your Home

5 Ways a Pest Control Company Can Keep Your Business Clean of Infestation

If you are a business owner, you know that your reputation is at stake when it comes to appearance, health concerns, and general hygiene. An infestation of any sort threatens not only your business, but the welfare of your clients and your neighbors as well. In keeping with the integrity and civic mindedness you hope the community will recognize within you, you must acknowledge the need to ensure that your place of business is kept in tiptop order every day of the week. That means that you must make pest control one of your top priorities for both success and a sense of good will.

Especially in densely populated cities, controlling a wide variety of pest populations can be tricky. In order to establish your place of business as a safe zone for humans and a no-go zone for vermin and other pesky creatures, you should employ the services of a highly qualified pest control team. Trained to handle every aspect of pest control, from infiltration to infestation, the best workers in this field understand the ideal methods for eliminating bugs, rodents, and other unwelcomed visitors easily, effectively, and efficiently.

The first step many pest control providers will take is to interview their client, you, personally. Coming to understand the perimeters, parameters, and needs of the business, they will make sure to stick to an agreement for healthy and effective removal and/or prevention of pests.

Once the client’s specific concerns have been discussed, the pest control specialist will tour the facility for inspection. Specialists in this field understand the deceptive nature of infesting populations and are able to detect intrusions that are often overlooked.

Assessing the most problematic areas and determining the best way to contain populations, eliminate existing creatures, and prevent repopulation, the worker will determine the best course of action. Often the first move in this phase is to infuse the area with formulas that will kill existing populations, but returning for a second or third kill may be necessary to eliminate hatching generations.

Many pest control companies are willing to offer a contract to schedule monthly visits. Such standardization of services helps to ensure that your office remains pest free throughout the duration of the contract. This eliminates the possibility of costly and dangerous re-infestation.

Finally, pest control specialists take great pride in the good work they do. In this vein, they will help you to understand how you can improve your personal practices to make your place of business less attractive to rodents, bugs, and spiders. To learn more about an excellent pest control company in San Francisco, please visit this website.

5 Ways a Pest Control Company Can Keep Your Business Clean of Infestation

Rocky Raccoon Does Not Belong in Your Home

How often are you going to be plagued through the night with the terrifying and irritating sound of scratching in your attic, basement, and/or chimney? Any strange creature that scratches within your home is a thing to be eliminated, but some of these varmints are more detrimental than others. If you hear scratching like this, there is  great likelihood that you have raccoons moving into your home, and those cute critters are surprisingly dangerous to both home and inhabitants.

The Bottom Line on Household Damage

As forest habitat becomes encroached upon and raccoons grow more accustomed to people, they become much bolder about trying to make their homes among humans. Scratching their way into various accommodations, these agile animals damage walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, plumbing, and even roofs. In the end, tolerating intermittent scratching could make you tens of thousands of dollars poorer.

The Prescription for Health and Security

Meanwhile, the health concern surrounding raccoons should not be ignored. Pretty though they may be, these beasts deliver painful bites and scratches. What’s more they are notorious for carrying and transmitting rabies. Anyone sharing a home with raccoons is in serious danger of becoming injured and perhaps infected. Your children and pets deserve to be protected.

Calling a pest control professional is your best step toward dealing with a raccoon problem. Visit this website to learn more about raccoon removal in Burlingame.

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Rocky Raccoon Does Not Belong in Your Home

Save the Bees and Your Home With Humane Bee Removal

Bees are amazing little creatures that pollinate food crops and produce honey. However, they are a wonder of nature that are best admired from a distance. Bees high up in a tree are not of much concern, but a colony living in the walls of your home is a problem. Professional exterminators can humanely remove bees from structures and take them off of your property. Here are three ways professionals can accomplish this task.

Luring and Trapping

Using a one-way wire mesh device, bees can be lured out of their nest in your house and into a hive placed nearby. This is an effective but slow process.


Specially outfitted vacuums can be used to safely extract the bees. They are then relocated. This method tends to stimulate the bees and make them aggressive, so only properly-outfitted professionals should do this.

Hand Removal

Trained professionals are able to access the nest and physically remove it. This is best done when the hive is at its weakest, typically in the late winter.

Whichever method appeals to you, make sure that your bee removal expert is well-trained, licensed and insured. Visit this website for more information about humane bee removal in Rancho Bernardo.

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Save the Bees and Your Home With Humane Bee Removal